Timeless Truth Masks

Timeless Truth uses cutting edge biotechnology to create various skincare products including facial, eye, neck, hand, foot and breast masks, serums and capsules. We are proud to announce that Timeless Truth is the very first to produce a fully functional facial sheet mask in the world. Timeless Truth is committed to quality improvements and new product development where possible.

Timeless Truth has some of the best sheet masks world wide.

The Bio Cellulose series is one of Timeless Truth’s unique products. The Nano Technology and the Bio Cellulose system have long been applied in medicine for cardiovascular repair and artificial skin for skin burn damage. The Bio Cellulose system is made of natural fiber with diameter 1/300 of the regular facial mask. The short fibers cross with each other to form a firm, soft and elastic 3D fiber layer. Not only can it applies on your skin like a second skin layer, but is also delivers more nutritious ingredients into the skin than traditional masks.

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